Smart Website Creation

As your online presence is the most important aspect of your business, our website creation services will make out of it the best user experience you’ve ever seen.

Visual Consultation

Define your brand’s leading aesthetic with the assistance of our design team.

Expertly Made

Wave goodbye to any future complications with seamless programming and interactive designs.

Customized Layouts

Design a website that keeps up with your brand’s constant changes and updates.

Ideas Brought To Life

Embrace your business’ individuality through captivating visuals.
Incredible designs

Our vision

We would like to introduce a brand new type of custom websites, adapted to your needs. Our primar goal is to create a site that suits your business and helps it grow.
roganize resume

Creative design

Our ingenious team of webdesigners will make a site that has a strong impact on your potential audience.

Mobile friendly

As Google announced that the websites that aren't mobile-friendly won't be ranking so high anymore, we want you to have a website that ranks. That's why we will make it responsive.

Personalized content

Our copywriting team will make a personalized content for your website. Because words are important and we are aware of their power, we will use them to attract visitors to your landing pages.


Besides being professionals, we are also transparent. That’s why none of the images or content will be on the websites before your approval.

Your online presence

Your business’ image lies in good hands. We will take care of every aspect of it and we will make sure that you will get the best services available on the market.

Why do you need our help?

We will also take care of your Social Media presence. No website is complete without its marketing strategies to make it sell. You have many options: either base your business on SEO, or on the social platforms. However, you can choose both, for a better traffic and conversion. But first of all you do need a website!

In the case that you already want one but you’re not satisfied with it, we can remake it with whichever template that both us and you choose. Strong impacts in people’s minds can only be made by well-built websites.


We will measure the traffic that you get and we will send you an analyse. Each tool that we use for SEO, website, social media platforms, email marketing and visual content creation is professional and tested along the years.

We like all the types of challenges and, for us, everything is possible. You want a website with parallax effects? You want a site with floating elements? That’s not a problem for our web designers!


Every service is connected with the others. By that, we mean that it’s impossible to have a great website without amazing visual and written content. Meanwhile, it’s impossible to rank without SEO and social media marketing. So every one of them will help you get the results you’ve always wanted.

The right image

Designed both for the small businesses and the big ones, our website building service is the perfect choice for you.

Whether you have just started your business or you already have one, this is the perfect time to have something to represent you in the online environment.

A professional website is just the thing that you need. Our web developers are going to make your online presence something that your competition will envy.

The right type of website

There are countless types of websites. Among the most popular ones are the following: presentation, online shop and market place. Depending on your business’ type, we can build one of the types mentioned above.

Our goal is to help your business connect with the potential clients and persuade them that you’re the best in your niche.

Quality control

As we have been working with small businesses, we have learnt that they can become big, and in a short amount of time.

As we create custom websites with a custom domain, we personalize our services according to your needs.

The quality control is made by our whole team and you, of course. If you aren’t happy with the design, we will change it. However, this has never happened before. We have 100% positive feedback from our clients.

The steps to a great website creation

First of all, we have to buy the domain and the platform on which we’ll build your website. We don’t work with low-quality providers. So that we make sure that when your website is ranking it won’t stop because of too much traffic. We will offer you a custom domain, which bets suits your business.

So the next step is to activate the domain and we buy the theme that you desire to have. All of this after getting your approval. We add all the images provided to us and our copywriters write all the content needed.

In the same time, we are working on your site’s health so that you won’t be disappointed after having the best looking website ever, which isn’t optimized. In other words, if you choose to work with us, we will not only design the website of your dreams, but we will also optimize it for the first month.

Of course, we will add some special effects, too, like parallax. Or entrance animations. This entirely depends on you and how you envision it at the end.

As we have already said, our primar goal is our customers’ satisfaction with our services. Therefore, we want you to be as happy as possible with what we can offer your business.
Why do local businesses
need a website creation?
Paid builders
vs the free ones
Why online shops
are so important?
Probably you haven’t seen your competition having a website and you’re saying that you’re popular enough. But let’s say that you own a pub in Geneva. And Switzerland is a popular country, where people come all over the world and they visit it. Sure, you have lots of clients, who find you either from world’s mouth or they simply know about you. Because your products are good.

People who don't know that your business exists

However, have you thought of the travellers who don’t even know that you exist? Think about all the revenue that you’re losing! Maybe hundreds, thousands of CHF every single day. But don’t worry! With our help, this problem will be solved. Our professional website builders will build and optimize your online presence and you will get even more customers!

Internet has changed people for good. Everybody is trying to build their online audience through it and not everybody is succeeding. That’s because they don’t have the right marketing team besides them, to help and assist them.
Moreover, the right team will make you wonder why you haven’t contacted them before.

Television advertising may not be dead, yet. Even so, more and more people who want to advertise spend their budget on internet marketing. It is a better way of reaching your audience and speak directly to them.

Our system works faster across any channel and app work culture

While a free website builder is a good choice for beginners, you can’t put your business at risk with one. Not only that this type of builders lack many features, but usually they aren’t SEO optimized. Which means that even if you succeed building a site with one free website builder, it will not rank at all.
We only use professional themes.

Free and Pro

While a free website builder is a good choice for beginners, you can’t put your business at risk with one. Not only that this type of builders lack many features, but usually they aren’t SEO optimized. Which means that even if you succeed building a site with one free website builder, it will not rank at all.


For example, Wordpress or Wix are the platforms that have amazing website builders but only if you pay for them.

You can’t install many plugins with the free version and there are so many disadvantages that you just don’t want to use them. A free plan for designer template will only stop you from getting customers.

Connected to the main domain

There is such a thing like a free domain, but it will take the main domain’s name.

As an example, we can give the most popular platform which allows you to build a free website. If your website is about a pub, it will be “” instead of “”. And be sure that this will affect your rankings!
Though the physical shopping is still “alive”, there has been seen a huge increase in the online shopping. There are almost no country or physical restriction and the deals that you find on the Internet are just so great. You might find a TV at 3000 CHF in the actual shop. However, online, you might find the exact same TV at a lower price, from a different provider.


You don’t have to waste your time anymore by going to a shop, as your basket is already on your phone. This incredible advantage saves you a lot of time.

Automatic Size Finder

Say goodbye to searching through all the clothes to find your size, as the online website shows you directly which size is still in stock!

Connected from everywhere

And think of this: people are always busy with their jobs. Most of them work when the shop is open and get out from work when it closes. With your website, they can buy at which hour the prefer, from where they want, when they can.

More income

Even more, all you have to pay for is the hosting, platform and the mentenance of the website. Which is way cheaper than the rent you must pay every month for the space!
There is practically no reason for not having a professional online shop or marketplace. You can kill two birds with one stone: get more income and have less to pay for a rent.

Your online image

It is more than what you may think!

Website Creation with SEO

There are agencies that will just install your theme but not all the required plugins that are needed for a great functionality, just a basic one. However, with us, things are not this way.

More than installing all the extensions needed, we will also install the ones that will optimize your website for the first month. From simple to complex designs, our site creation pack covers everything. Whether you want a simple presentation site, or a complex marketplace, we build it. In other words, we build anything.

Besides this service, we offer: professional email marketing campaigns, SEO services, visual content creation and everything that is related to social marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn).

Why do you need this package?

Sure, having a website is the first step to success. But your online presence isn’t just a simple website. It needs to be ranked on specific keywords, so that when people search for you online they will find you on the first position.

More than that, your image should be perfect on these online platforms as well. Every entreprise page on Facebook and Instagram shows the application’s users that you are with them everywhere. Moreover, they can contact you from wherever they want.

Mobile-friendly Websites

One of the ranking factors specified by Google is the mobile-friendly interface of the website. As more and more people start using their mobiles for searches, the search engine really wants that the user doesn’t zoom out at all to see the content.

The faster they get to the information, the better. More than being just a marketing agency, we are the people you can trust. We will build you a website based on Google’s factors and your desire. This is the perfect mix.

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, then your users won’t be happy. Isn’t it annoying when you browse a website and you have to zoom in and out to find a specific information? It is! Both of us know it.

It just makes you want to get out from that website. And Google sees this. If you don’t respect this rule, you will get penalized.

Which website would you rather choose? A website which shows you perfectly the images but doesn’t have so much information? Or one that has the information you needed but the layout is so bad?

We think that we’d go for the first option. Nevertheless, with Discover Agency, your website will not only be the perfect space for users, but both for the users and Google.

Making your website secure

How a sloppy website creation can affect your entreprise

Website Creation Tricks

Build trust

There are many reasons for which users turn into clients and buy from you the specific product or service. But one of them is that they trust you. In order to make a completely unknown Internet user to trust you and make him buy what you sell, it is important that you make him trust you. How do you do that? 

There’s no other way than by having high quality content and significant pictures about your business. They don’t want to feel like buyers, they want to contribute to your community, be part of it. Having testimonials is a huge help here. Every element that creates a community should be present on your site. You might even want to introduce a community section, where people can talk about your products and services.
More than that, they want to know how your service can help them. All your possible clients think like this: how can this service help me? If your presentation is convincing enough, they will truly believe that your business will help them. And they will become loyal clients of your company.
Best services

The importance of great pictures

Nobody is on the internet in order to read a lot. They want the information to be as concise as possible and if possible, through images. In other words, if there are more images on your website, it is great. You are the same. Who wants long texts without images? It’s boring. If they had wanted that, they would have read a book. 
The main idea here is that you need to provide us as many images as possible in order to make your website look as good as possible. As we know that images are hard to obtain, we offer you this option: let us take care of the pictures that will be on the website. We also offer you the photo shooting option, to make sure that there will only be high-quality images. 
As “an image is worth 1000 words”, a great photo is like a white elephant. However, by choosing our services, you will get the perfect image for your online presence.
An image makes a powerful impact. There is no better way than saying what you want than through a picture. If you don’t believe this, just think about Instagram. Its main purpose is to show us the images we want to see. Moreover, each image that is popular has a message to send. Even if it’s written over it, each of its pixels is carefully made.

Don’t you want to have such images on your website? Think it this way: there is no better traffic than the one from people interested in what you have to transmit. With the right words, the pictures on the website will get popular. And we have the right team of copywriters. You will be the king of your niche.
A website offers unlimited opportunities. Whether you want to be promoted on social media or Google, you need to send people somewhere to buy your products or see more of your services. If you want a really great website, where every section has its purpose, call us right away. This unique occasion of collaborating with us shouldn’t be missed out on!

What is more, you cannot let your business up in the air. You want to get the marketing job done. And with us, it will be ready in no time. The results won’t miss.
How much time will it take?
It depends on the website that we will build. In general, it takes from 2 weeks to one month for a site to be complete, but this time may vary.
Is my website optimized?
Yes. With us, your site's health will be as high as possible.
Will it be secure?
We will install a SSL certificate on your website in order to make it secure and ok to visit both for Google and users.
How many plugins will be installed?
Depending on your website's type, there can be more or less. For example, an online shop will have more extensions than a presentation website. However, all the plugins needed will be installed. So that your website can function perfectly.
How many pages will it have?
The amount of pages that we will build will also vary for each type of business.
What theme will you use?
As we conform to your needs and desires, the theme that best suits your business will be chosen. We believe that every business is unique. That's why we will choose a different theme for each entreprise that works with us.
In conclusion, if you want the most awesome team working for you, give us a call. We believe that our results will amaze you. As every business is unique, we are going to make a customized template for each of our clients. Together, we will choose the theme that best suits your needs and entreprise’s image. By making a powerful statement in your niche, you will get more customers, who will be interested in buying your services or products. Let’s talk about our collaboration!
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