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What is Email Marketing?

Let’s go back to 1987, when the first email marketing strategy was ever created and sent to the users by Gary Thuerk. Its record is legendary: over 13m $ was the value of the sold products.

So it started what is known today as one of the most effective marketing strategies of all time. If used correctly, it can significantly increase your revenue. And we do use this type of marketing in a proper manner.

Email marketing’s era isn’t over. It has just begun. With over 3 billions of users having an email, we can say that it’s more productive and efficient even than Social Media Marketing or SEO. Actually, it’s one of the few tools and ways that we have in order to build meaningful relationships with the potential customers.

While not being spam, but neither the message you desire to see, this marketing strategy is rather a way to build trust and a sense of community with your users.

As nobody wants to give their personal information nowadays, and if they do it is strictly for some purpose, the mail marketing, if used incorrectly, can make you lose all the profit. Not only that you could end up in the spam or junk folder, but your brand’s image could be damaged.

Long-term goals

What you can and should do is to build an efficient campaign that will help you connect with your customers, make them trust you even more and keep purchasing from you. All of this can be done through our marketing strategy.

Keep in mind that this type of marketing isn’t about you at all, not even about your enterprise. It’s all about your customers and the way that they see your company.

In the case that you decide to follow this amazing rule, not only that your potential customers will open the mail sent from your email address, but they will read carefully and will be curious about all of your promotion. In other words, with the right words, you can keep them engaged.

With a 3,800% rate of conversion, this type of marketing is the most efficient. According to the studies, you get back 38$ for every $ that you spend. Isn’t this profitable? The email marketing campaigns should be your friends, not something that you avoid.

As this type of marketing is much more than making people aware that you’ve got a product for sale or you just launched a new type of service, you have to keep them engaged. In order to be the king of the email marketing campaigns, you have to understand the concepts it operates with.

Buolding New Relationships

We are going to show you a few out of the many ways in which the email marketing can help.

First of all, it can help you create new relationships or strengthen the old ones, all of this through personalised emails.

Your online presence

Moreover, it can make people aware of your brand. Whenever they come across a product like yours, they will rather buy from you.

This is partially because people rather buy from someone who they already know, partially because they know that you offer high-quality services.


Thirdly, whenever you post something useful and interesting on your blog, you can share it with your community.

This event creates a sense of belonging and it’s an important step in building trust.

Email Marketing Benefits

You can also do an exchange with your users through email marketing campaigns. You can exchange a coupon code for a personal information that you find valuable, for example age or nationality even their experience with your brand.

Maybe the most important fact is that your products and assets can be promoted through email marketing.

Last but not least, you can tease your customers, providing some valuable information that can help them succeed in life. All of this while implementing in their mind your business.

Considering all of the above, there is no better way to convince your potential customers that your business offers the best services or products, than the email marketing.

But let’s see the big picture. Firstly you have to create a campaign that slays. In other words, let’s act big, not daydream of all the opportunities that you could have with a successful campaign.

As every email address receives on average over 100 mails a day, you have to be careful with your strategy. Or you could end up in unobserved or in the spam folder. And that is the worst case.

So how you don’t end up there? With our help. We will create the most awesome email campaign, that both the bots and the customer won’t be able to ignore.

Unique Strategy
that suits your business
of campaigns
your database

Personalised avatars for email marketing

First of all, you have to clarify this: who will be the people to whom you will send the email? We will make a customised avatar for them, to see what are their needs, age, interests etc. By defining who your potential buyers are, we will be able to make a personalised strategy.

Database Creation for email marketing

After that, we have to see which is the open rate for your business’ niche. Afterwards, you have to create your database. We know that this is a hard step, but don’t be discouraged.

Use every resource you might have. For example, you can create a “subscribe” option on your website. Every subscribed user is important and needs to be treated with respect.

Moreover, they are closer to buying your product than any of the people you might get from a paid database. This way, you will see that your list will naturally grow.

This way, you will see that your list will grow naturally.
The next thing you have to do is to decide which is the type of email marketing campaign that you will be using. Will it be a weekly one?

Or the one that invites your audience to events? Maybe there are some blog posts that are worth reading and you want to share them with your users.

Whatever might be the answer, you have to decide which is the best for your subscribers.

Engaging content

Remember: you have to keep them engaged. So depending on their geolocation, age etc. you have to build the best campaign ever.

Connected Workforce

Which is the following step after deciding all of these? The answer is simple: you have to establish the frequency of your posts.

How often will you be sending emails to your target audience?

Let your public know how often they should be expecting an email from you. Just so they don’t feel overwhelmed by your emails.
This way you make sure they won’t consider your campaign as spam. Moreover, it helps you in the process of trust building.

All about building the database for email marketing

Let’s talk now about the way in which you can build your database. As people have become uber conscious about their personal information, they aren’t willing to share it unless you offer them something valuable.

Sales Coupons

So a sales coupon would help you in this process. Moreover, it is a fair exchange.

Or you could offer them something exclusive, that makes the sense of belonging even stronger.

Community Sense

Building the sense of belonging isn’t an easy process, we know that.

But that’s why we are here, to help you build the best community.


So first of all, you have to make it appeal like your offer will solve their problem or something like this.

Moreover, you have to make the offer easy to be accessed.


Whether it’s a PDF book or anything else, they have to have an easy access to it.

Remember that you have to offer something useful, relevant to your business.

And the easier the access to it, the better.

Overview of Performance Management

The next rule is that you must offer something that is relatable to your business. And don’t make expectations just to break them. People subscribe to your website for great opportunities or because they believe in you. Don’t break their expectations!

You should also have in mind to persuade the users to go ahead and buy your paid offer. If you offered them something for free, and they are impressed, they will definitely buy the paid product or service. This method is used by many big companies, such as SEMRush.

They offer a free 14 days trial and after that, if you are happy with their service, you have to buy it.
Each visitor and subscriber is in a phase of the buyer’s journey. You have to make personalised offers for each stage and be careful not to mix them.

Some might have just heard of your company, while others know it well.
Finally, the last step is to create a confirmation mail. Though it may not seem the best solution possible, it is.

It brings the users right where you wanted them. This way, you make sure that they have at least the minimum interest in your product and that the provided email address is not a fake one.

All that you have to do is to make sure that the whole process functions. This way, your business will look professional and your users will be happy.

Always 5 stars support

Ascension & Engagement

Successful campaigns

Professional Integrity and Personal Responsibility

In an email marketing campaign, everything matters. As your focus is to get more and more conversions, every word is important.

Moreover, the time at which you send the mail is also crucial. Below we will discuss each aspect and how it can impact your strategy.

Words Matter
Other tips
So the words that you use should be on the point and consistent. Meanwhile, you have to make sure that you don’t include too much information, otherwise your readers will get tired.

The images that you use should be optimised for mobile, desktop and tablet. As more and more people open their emails from mobile devices, you should keep that in mind.

Moreover, you should have a call to action section, which must be unique and catchy. This is in order to not make the users bored with reading all the information or bother them search for where to call your company for the product / service you’re offering.

Send time: the best time ever to send your emails are Tuesdays. Moreover, there’s also a specific hour: 11 AM ET if your audience is international.

The email should also be personalised. Every time that an user opens an email, they should feel like they are talking to a friend or colleague from work. So you shouldn’t be very formal, but neither too informal.

A subject line is what appears in the email after the name of the sender. Make it concise. It should also be a representation, summary, of the body of the mail.

Moreover, it should never be deceiving because, even if the target person opens your email, they will be very disappointed if they found out that it isn’t what they expected. The twist of user’s expectations should happen very rarely, almost never.

It is a dangerous tool if the cards aren’t played right.

Why do you need our help?

The next step is destined for the email users who haven’t opened any mail of yours for more than 60 days. In any stage of the journey they might be, it doesn’t matter. Therefore even if they are in the first phase, you can use this trick to get your customers back. 

Whether they don’t need your product or service anymore, or they found someone who sells the same thing at a lower price, you want them back. This can be done through the re-engagement campaigns. You’ll be wondering: how?

Finding the inactive users

First of all, you have to find all the inactive users. Afterwards, you should ask them if they are still interested in your business or not. Honestly, this saves you a lot of time.

If they aren’t interested anymore, then they are just wasting your time. And you don’t want that, do you? Wouldn’t you rather spend your time and put all the effort into someone who wants your product?


However, you can still make them remember the benefits of being your company’s subscriber. Moreover, you can tell them what they will be missing and what they’ve missed by not engaging with your emails.

For example, Facebook has a special screen for the ones that quit, asking them the reasons for which they deactivate or delete their accounts.

Facebook also shows them that their friends will be missing them if they deactivate. Another good example is Scribd, which, if you are a new user, offers you another free 60 days of trial if you want to quit.

The perfect email marketing campaign

Is made by us
Let’s analyse!
With us, you will be seen by your subscribers. We follow these simple rules that helped us every time succeed and we will apply them to your business as well.

1. Whitelists – You can ask your subscriber to include you in their white list, by saving your address. Moreover, you can send the instructions on how to do that in the welcome mail or in a separate one.

2. We don’t use trigger words, like “buy now”, “click here”, which annoy both the user and are detected by Internet Service Providers, which will automatically label down your mail as spam.

3. Moreover, we only use reliable mail providers. As your mail says a lot about your reputation, it is recommended that you use big brands, like Gmail or Yahoo!.

4. Confirmation is an important step as well. After subscribing to your list, you should, as we’ve already said, ask for a confirmation. This way you will make sure that they are interested in what you have to say.


Now that you’ve sent your mails, it’s time to see what worked and what didn’t work. In order to do so, you have to ask some questions:

1- What is the number of sent emails?

2- Out of these, how many have been delivered?

3- How many people have closed the email right after opening it? (This is the bounce rate)

4- What is the clickthrough rate?

5- Are there people that have subscribed? How many?

Mobile-friendly Websites

There might be people that are your super loyal clients. Every time that you launch something, they automatically buy it.

Why not reward them by sending them an email everytime that a new product is launched? Rather than letting them find the new promotions, services or products on your website, which is time-wasting, you could email them everytime this happens.

Not only it saves them a lot of time, they will be grateful for that. And a grateful person is a great buyer.

Even though there are many rules that need to be respected, you should consider this as the most crucial one: your recipients are humans. Treat them so. In other words, treat them with respect and don’t try to take their money.

Therefore, as your list has subscribed to your newsletter for a reason, you must keep that reason alive. Don’t break anyone’s expectations and treat them as if they were your friends.

Because, in the end, it’s all about human relationships and how greatly we can understand each other. If you are able to make a great relationship with each of your subscribers, then your marketing campaign will rock.

Free resources

One of the most used applications of the Internet is Duolingo. It can be relatable to email marketing because it keeps constantly reminding you that you’ve missed a lesson.

They have lots of free resources. Even if they place paid ads, they don’t force you to get the paid version. The app only presents the benefits of being a PRO member and then it lets you decide.

That’s exactly what you should do with your users. Let them think that they can decide. All of this while gently pointing out at them the benefits of your products or services.

You have to get this message at them in a subliminal manner, so that they will not feel forced or manipulated.

Email Marketing Strategy that works

Let’s talk about the personalization of your sent emails. It doesn’t matter to how many people you’re sending your message. But it is important that they have different email models. We’ll give you a few tips for this part.

You can either add a greeting or the recipent’s name. This way they will feel like they are being talked to by a real person. In other words, you should customize every user’s experience.

If it’s relevant to your email, you can add a location, too. But be careful to be accurate!

Always send email customized by the age. Old and young people have different interests. That’s why some young people might not be attracted to your offer, which targets mainly the old ones or viceversa.


Your email can also contain a country’s holiday promotions, or you can go even deeper with the personalization, giving a promo code for someone’s birthday.

Maybe one of the most important parts, you should finish the content with a human signature. This way, like we’ve just said above, people will feel like they are talking to a person, not a robot.

The last part, but just as important, is that you should add a CTA ( click to action ) part, somewhere in the email where it is accessible for the reader and also relevant.

Don’t introduce this part right before the product, or it may seem that you just want your user’s money!

The steps to follow in email marketing campaigns

There are also some regulations you should follow. The first one is CAN-SPAM. Theoretically speaking, it means Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing.

Practically, it means that your customers will only get the emails that they want and requested. No more spam for them! So what should you do in order to be seen by your potential customers?

With this law that passed back in 2003, it is becoming harder and harder for marketers not to end in the spam folder. But don’t worry, our agency has the methods to help you be seen.

However, how can you make sure that your mails comply to this law?
By including your mail address and business’ name you will respect the rule number 1.

The unsubscribe button must be visible somewhere in the mail, but in a visible place. Always use a real email address. In the end, the subject should mirror the content’s body.

As you spent lots of time creating the perfect email, we know that you really don’t want it to end in the junk or spam folder. Why not?

1. All of your emails will get ignored. Let’s be sincere: nobody looks at the spam emails, unless he or she wants to delete all of them
2. No return on investment
3. Your brand will not get noticed at all.
4. Finally, you can’t measure your campaign’s success

List segmentation in your email marketing strategy

The next logical step is the list segmentation. Let’s take it step by step: growing your email list means that you will get people from different regions, which have different interests, hobbies and practices. This means that each of them should get a personalised experience.
Humans loved personalised experiences. It makes them feel, afterall, persons and it amplifies their sense of belonging. So adjust your types of emails to every person. The more segmentation in your list, the more trust will be attributed to your company and the unsubscribe rate will drop. You really don’t have to worry about the unsubscribe rate, as long as it is in a normal parameter. People will always change their habits and interests. Therefore, what interested them once might not interest them nowadays. The trick here is that you have to find the people who are interested in what you’re selling.
How to segmentate your email marketing list
The very first rule is to see at which step of buyer’s journey your subscribers are. Create for each level a separate email to keep your people engaged into reading your content. As you will be connecting with real people, not just machines, you have to make everything personalised. Think of these labels when you next separate the email addresses:
1. Where are they located?
2. How old are they?
3. What are their interests
4. What hobbies do they have?
5. Which languages do they speak?
6. Is their job important to them?
7. Have they engaged with your brand before?
However you can segment your list how you wish. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is that you should be as specific as possible.
Now you know how to this important part of the strategy. Congrats! So what’s next?
Enjoy all of the unlimited possibilities that the email marketing and our other services have to offer by calling us!
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